Energy usage can be a significant operational and capital cost for your business.

But how do you improve this and how can our team help?

Everyone loves a list – don’t they? So we thought we’d proffer one at the start of 2021.

1. Improve the Insulation

May seem patently obvious, but before you expend money on heating and cooling, you need to ensure insulation is excellent. All buildings, in the commercial and residential sectors, leak energy. Through windows, walls, cavities and lofts – your task is to stop this happening. Window tinting can also help.

2. Consider Replacing Your Windows

Talking of insulation, windows are clearly one of the biggest energy drainers. Single glazed glass panels lose heat in colder months and they also allow too much heat in during summer. Double glazing is expensive but will reduce energy costs in the long term.

3. Order an Energy Efficiency Audit

Before you do anything though, it’s worth reviewing or auditing your building’s energy usage. This is a service we offer at All BMS Systems. We can implement systems to measure, manage and reduce the energy consumption in your building(s).

4. Plant Shady Plants

Not something we do, but it can be a very green way of making buildings cooler, as well as enhancing views from your workplace. They also act as windbreaks if your environment is particularly exposed to chill winds.

5. Optimise your HVAC Systems

Like a car or a boiler, your HVAC system needs annual TLC in the form of servicing and maintenance. The system needs to be properly lubricated and parts need to be working efficiently to reduce energy consumption.

Please note, we offer full planned preventative maintenance support with regular scheduled visits to ensure that the BEMS is fully optimised and maintained. Service, support and maintenance of any building energy management system is fundamental for its operation and performance.

Embrace new developments to save you energy

Energy consumption is always a concern for any business. We are delighted to read about the development of alternative fuel sources like clean hydrogen, moving away from gas and electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As you can see, creating energy-efficient businesses isn’t all that difficult.

There are simple steps that you can take, and you don’t have to do it all at once.

Please contact us to audit your building and make suggestions to cut rising energy costs.

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