Systems linked to the BEMS typically represent 50% of a building’s energy consumption, if lighting is included, this number approaches 70% and is usually the 03 rd highest outgoing overhead for a company. Inapt configured BMS systems are believed to account for 20% of building energy consumption.


Our energy team will provide the consultation, management, technical support and engineering capability required to implement your energy management and reduction strategies.

We audit the BEMS specifically for energy based software routines inclusive of compensation, night set-back, free-cooling and optimisation. We recommend and implement software and hardware changes to provide efficient services.

Our energy saving experts use the latest system technology and equipment to optimise and automate system, leading to cuts in energy consumption, reduction in emissions and shrinking energy bills.

Our reporting template identifies existing profiles, energy reduction potential, deliverable solutions and payback periods in a format which pursues simplicity and clarity for our clients.

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