We know that sometimes people hanker after, yearn for, a past with rose-tinted specs. We know, at All BMS Systems, that not all progress in technology is positive and yet …

If you were given the chance to return to 1991 or remain in 2021, with all the technological accompaniments that assisted you, where would you head?

The reason we ask is because this week global giant Apple has announced new tech at its Spring Launch event, in the form of AirTags (Bluetooth tracking devices), a new iMac in seven colours and a new iPad Pro with mini-LED screens and cameras that track you like a gimbal. There was also the matter of a purple iPhone 12 but the AirTags have caused quite a stir.

This tracking technology has existed for years – Tile have small devices that can attach to baggage, luggage, keys to easily locate them but Apple, late to the party, arguably Top Trumps them. If you can’t find your keys or glasses, you can locate them if they’re AirTagged. If you leave a rucksack on a train, it will not only geolocate them but allow you to send a LOST message to alert other Apple users on the train. Clever eh?

If you were shopping with a partner or friend in 1991, you wouldn’t be able to track them as mobile phones were still niche and rare.

But there was one piece of technology that existed then that has stood the test of time over 30 years – a plug that responded to clapping. If you had a lamp plugged into one of these early smart devices, you could clap twice to turn it on and once for off. Not dissimilar to Siri, Google, Alexa voice commands of the present.

There was also tracking technology that pinged a lost item from a radio-wave remote and apparently these were used by a small group of people to find keys etc.

Now though, we positively bathe in modern technological wizardry in homes and businesses.

If you want to see the AirTags in action, check out YouTube sensation Marques Brownlee and if you want to save energy, time and effort in your business, contact our techy team today at All BMS.