2020 was hard for everyone globally, but 2021 is showing some signs of recovery in terms of the pandemic. Vaccines are being rolled out and the R rate, at the time of writing this, is dropping.

The past year has also seen shifts in working behaviour – furlough and working from home became the new norm, but at All BMS, we are now seeing spikes in demand for upgrades to Building Management Systems.  We expect this to continue, too, in 2021.

BMS is a broad church though and you may not want (yet) wholesale changes to the way you work – but incremental upgrades, like:

  • Lighting.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Fire, smoke detection and alarms.
  • Motion detectors, CCTV, security and access control.
  • ICT systems.
  • Lifts.
  • Industrial processes or equipment.
  • Shading devices.

Now there are other elements but HVAC and lighting are the primary ones.

Let’s look at lighting

Summarily, a BMS allows you to set a pattern for lights to switch on/off according to a specified schedule.

We all know that lighting has a major impact on how we live, work and rest and the old days of manual controls are behind us, with smart lighting technology coming to the fore.

You can create zoned or task-oriented areas with different lighting. If your staff are using computers, you need lighting in a BMS that reduces eye strain from long hours in front of monitors. Lighting not only provides operational efficiency, but safety, as in emergency and evacuation illumination. Not only are you investing in staff welfare and safety, but done correctly, an upgraded lighting system from us can reduce operational costs significantly.

Not only will you save on utility bills but also on time with automation reducing waste and eliminating human error in their manual control.

The beauty too is that a new lighting upgrade is easy to upgrade and change should your needs and circumstances change.

Automation can take place at home too

With many companies giving employees the option to work from home, automation has expanded in the home office. Estate and letting agents have reported cases nationally of homeowners upsizing to get a study in home and global giants like Apple reported shortages in tablets and laptops due to demand. There is no reason why you can’t apply the principles of BMS to home and we’d like to end with a YouTube video that shows this well.

Finally, if you’d like to know how All BMS can help you reduce costs, contact us today.