If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll recall with ease Gary Numan and Tubeway Army: “Are Friends Electric?” It’s quite a morose song about broken relationships where electricity seems to have run out and there is no life left. The electricity, the spark, have died. You can watch it from Top of the Pops here.

Thankfully, humans need fuel to run – food, drink, happiness – but we’ve not reached the stage where people run on electricity. Cars yes, people no.

As a concept though at All BMS, it interests us. We talk of recharging batteries, working flat out, running on empty as idioms, yet what is often causing that depletion is our environment.

Namely work and home

We all know important light is to personal happiness. Seasonal Affected Disorder only occurs in winter when light levels are low. Sunshine creates Vitamin D and personal happiness – explains why we all long for beaches in the Balearics or Canaries in winter? Light manufacturers have been quick to capitalise on this with Philips leading the way with lighting scenes on their Hue smart bulbs.

Lighting installation is one of our electrical services at All BMS

Light makes such an impact on how we work and feel that it is important not to overlook it. The days of stark fluorescent tubes in offices and workplaces are becoming a footnote in history and many have embraced energy efficient mood lighting controlled by voice or app.

We can dim lights via a smartphone or tablet; we can change their colours and focus with a touch of a screen.

They can be automated to switch on at certain times, or switch off when someone leaves a space saving energy for your business.

You can read more about our electrical services here.

EVs are the future

You and I all know about how electric vehicles have changed – if you were watching Gary Numan in 1979, the only EV you’d ever encounter were battery-powered milk floats that were designed to travel slowly and quietly delivering milk, that orange juice etc. They were slow too but offered an insight into life in 2021, perhaps.  We had to look long and hard online to find a photo of something that was ubiquitous in the 70s and 80s. You can see it as our featured image.

EVs now are a different beast – have you ever followed a Tesla up a motorway slip road, mouth half open, marvelling at its pace? We have. The internal combustion engine may well go the way of the industrial fluorescent tube as more car makers adopt creating hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

Have you noticed that Teslas always tend to be white? A nod to the milk float of the past?


What you may or may not know, but will now, is that our team can install EV charging points at your business or home. If you want to futureproof your business, save money and attract high calibre staff, make sure your working environment is perfect with help from the team at All BMS.

Friends may not be electric – but the future could well be. 

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