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    Key Facts:

    Nuffield Health is the largest not-for- profit healthcare provider in the United Kingdom, their areas of specialty include cosmetic surgery, cancer services and orthopaedics.

    Customers references:

    Upgrade all obsolete/faulty Satchwell controllers and IO’s to Trend IQ4.
    Upgrade controls for Theatre AHUs, extracts and heater batteries, this is a critical plant controlling both theatre and pharmaceutical stores temperature and humidity.

    What All BMS achieved:

    All BMS Systems carried out this upgrade which included replacing all obsolete controllers and IO’s with Trend IQ4’s and upgrading all graphics associated with these works.
    All works were completed over one weekend to ensure theatre downtime was kept to an absolute minimum and theatres were opened again first thing on Monday morning.

    What can be achieved now works are complete:

    The BMS and all field devices are now functioning as they should be, improving building comfort and overall energy consumption.